An open survey of expert positions to establish an expanded list of promising areas

Evaluation activities based on the results of training in professional development programs 2023

Оценочные мероприятия по итогам обучения по программам профессионального развития 2023

Participants of the assessment events will be independently evaluated for their competencies:
* Blockchain technologies
* Information security
* BIM information moderation
* CAD engineering design
Upon completion of the assessment activities based on the implementation of professional development programs, they will receive a digital certificate-Skills Passport. The document will present the current level of development of theoretical knowledge and practical skills by the participant of the championship, their ability to perform labor functions defined by the labor market, within the framework of the chosen competence, in a digital cross-section format.
Before completing the task, you will discuss substantive and organizational issues related to conducting the assessment, as well as key elements of practical skills assessment. The content of the task modules and technological solutions used in the task execution will also be considered.