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Digital electrical systems as the main production task of a world-class specialist

Автоматизированные электротехнические комплексы как основная производственная задача специалиста мирового уровня

Two major competitions in the field of electrical installation were held in Moscow in June with the support of IEK GROUP: the VII Open Championship of Electricians and the BRICS+ Future Skills & Tech Challenge 2024 in the "Electrical installation" Skill.

An independent assessment of the participants ' skill was provided using the International Development Professional Platform and was implemented on the basis of the provisions of the International Skill Specification "Electrical Installation", developed in 2022. The Specification was moderated and developed by IEK GROUP. The document was tested at the level of manufacturing companies, organizations of higher and secondary vocational education, research institutes and professional retraining centers from 12 countries. While maintaining modern skills, the specification recommends that specialists develop the skills of the future — digitalization, programming, and working with elements of artificial intelligence.

Starting from 2023, the technological component of test project of competitive events in the "Electrical installation" Skill is focused on a complex of works on the construction of an digital electrical complex with an emphasis on creating algorithms for a human-machine interface, visualizing power supply facilities and configuring intelligent modules in an electrical installation. Competitive events in 2024 continue and strengthen this technological concept, presenting automation of electrical complexes as the main production task of a world-class specialist.

More than 3,500 specialists participated in the VII Open Championship of IEK Electricians, and 34 participants met in the final – not only the winners of the semifinals of the VII Open Championship of IEK Electricians, but also electricians who won the championships of IEK GROUP partners – ABC-Electro, ETM, Russian Light and Svetomania.

All participants of the final of the VII IEK Open Championship of Electricians became the first private electricians in Russia and in the world to receive international certificates of excellence - SKILLS PASSPORT. SKILLS PASSPORT will be considered as an additional advantage when applying to the MPEI National Research University.

At the same time, BRICS+ Future Skills & Tech Challenge 2024 on the "Electrical Installations" Skill was held in full-time and distributed formats. The competition was organized by the Skill Development Agency in cooperation with IEK GROUP.

Within 16 hours, representatives of the BRICS and EAEU countries were invited to solve applied tasks related to the organization and construction of electrical complexes and automation of electrical systems.

This year, representatives of Russia, Belarus, Brazil, China, India and Ghana took part in international competitions.

As part of the international competition, the prizes were distributed as follows:

1st place-Ribeiro Matheus Dalaqua, Brazil;

2nd place-Dmitry Kireev, Belarus;

3rd place-Artem Teplitsky, Russia.

In the BRICS Ranking, prizes were distributed among participants from Brazil and Russia, and in the EAEU Ranking – among participants from Brazil, Belarus and Russia, respectively.

The final rankings can be found on the page of the BRICS+ Future Skills & Tech Challenge 2024 at the link

Within the framework of the Championship, a trilateral memorandum was signed between the Skill Development Agency, IEK GROUP and the National Research University MPEI, which will allow us to continue implementing best practices for improving the productivity and efficiency of electrical installation both in Russia and on the world stage.