An open survey of expert positions to establish an expanded list of promising areas

Artificial intelligence is the main topic of the international sessions on the development of high-tech skills in June 2024

Главной темой международных сессий по развитию высокотехнологичных компетенций в июне 2024 стал Искусственный интеллект

The annual cycle of project sessions on the development of high-tech skills and the design of international skills specifications based on the International Professional Development Platform, with the participation of industry opinion leaders, continues.

During the session, which combined approaches to the development of Machine Learning and Big Data and Intelligent Image Processing skills, representatives of Russia and China presented their positions on the implementation of artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, video analytics technologies in manufacturing, transport, finance, health and education, as well as agriculture.

For example, experts from Russia presented a recent collaboration between a data scientist and a welder, in which the quality of welds was checked using artificial intelligence, which helped to increase the efficiency of production of finished products.

Chinese experts, for their part, showed examples of the introduction of artificial intelligence in cars as a new stage in the development of the transport industry, reducing accidents on the roads and increasing the level of comfort, both on highways and within parking spaces.

An important component of the process of introducing artificial intelligence is the development of personnel through the introduction of advanced educational programs that meet the challenges and needs of the international market today, all participants of the session unanimously noted.

This year, international sessions are a preparatory stage in the implementation of a large-scale cycle of events BRICS Future Skills & Tech Challenge 2024.

The preparatory stage of the BRICS Future Skills & Tech Challenge 2024 events will continue in the format of Skills Camps, where leading international skills experts will introduce participants of the competition cycle to current advanced technologies in an online format and offer them to take a short training course to master new promising skills.